About Me

A little about me

As my career continues to evolve, I remain steadfast in my belief that collaboration is the key to business success. On a daily basis, I am committed to building positive relationships with my customers, product peers, C-level clients, and vendors. It is through these bonds that deals are closed and relationships are strengthened.

I strive to do better every day, I do this by seeking to understand the whole picture in efforts to lead and make an impact. Progression is how I live my life, build on what’s been created and iterate to innovate.

Why me?

Innovative Product Marketing Campaigns

With my experience in product and product marketing, I bring new angles and thoughts to traditional marketing campaigns. Leveraging heuristics and new creative strategies to develop loyal customers.

Cultivate the Change

Strive for fun and creativity. I live my life and am very happy. My goal is to bring joy to those around me.

Analytical + Creative Mindset

There is power in understanding “the data”, I always find it exciting when am able to start researching about consumers, industries, messaging, position, etc. Assimilating data into action and driving to success is one key to how I strive for success.

My mission

Ever since I was a small child I knew I wanted to make an impact, from that I fell in love with marketing and product development. Every day I progress my talents and skills and I’ve had the opportunity to develop marketing plans for some of the most amazing companies on earth – Nike, Super Bowl, Clinten Initiative, and other public companies.

I learned my clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers. I move to make relationships and experiences. In efforts to build some marketing initiatives, we found the technology simply wasn’t there so I took the opportunity to learn how to code and develop tools. I’ve been building tools ever since.

The “create and innovate” mindset I approach with has allowed me to streamline businesses resulting in:

  • Businesses to work fewer hours & make more money
  • Phenomenal success with their target consumer
  • Retain, high-paying customers
  • Get more done in less time

Experience and Learn

Over my career, I have found technology to be lacking in some regards. Standing out in marketing I've learned to develop my own technologies and tools.

70 %

Web Development

86 %

Business Analytics

75 %

Graphic Design